Meet ERPNext Healthcare, the HMIS (Healthcare Management Information System) for all critical data at your fingertips to make data-driven Healthcare decisions. It is modern, and industry 4.0 ready. All-in-one integrated ERP system suitable for super-speciality, multi-speciality and or multi-branch clinics and hospitals. All patient records are highly available from anywhere for the caregiver, as well as for the patient through an online patient portal. Digitisation of all patient records, yield better patient outcomes, through clinical data accuracy, and better-utilised quality time by doctor and patient. The solution is best suited for critical data analytics, compliance and security, care coordination and patient engagements.

Best suited for Small - Medium - Large Hospitals and Clinics

Setup your ambitious healthcare business into GROWTH mode
  1. Multi-speciality, Multi-branch, or Super-specialty Hospitals
  2. Multi-specialty Clinics
  3. Ayurveda Hospitals
  4. Wellness Clinics
  5. Pets Hospitals

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